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We are announcing our tryout dates for the travel program.  These dates are spread out to ensure everyone can at least make one date as required.  Only time a 4th tryout will be added will be due to weather related cancellations.  That will be announced if and when the time comes.   We will be using a training company managed by John Dockins to run our tryouts for the 10U and 12U age groups as they are our biggest group.  The dates are as follows: 

July 29 (Monday)    Registration 5:30    Start time 5:45 
Aug   5 (Monday)   Registration 5:30    Start time 5:45 
Aug 19 (Monday)    Registration 5:30    Start time 5:45 

July 29 (Monday)    Registration  7:00   Start time 7:30 
Aug 5   (Monday)   Registration  7:00   Start time 7:30 
Aug 19 (Monday)    Registration  7:00   Start time 7:30 

July 23 (Tuesday)  Registration 6:45  Start time 7:00 
July 31  (Wed)       Registration 6:45  Start time 7:00 
Aug 8    (Thur)       Registration 6:45   Start time 7:00 


Aug  7    (Wed)     Registration 6:45   Start time 7:00 
Aug  14  (Wed)     Registration  6:45  Start time 7:00 
Aug  21  (Wed)     Registration  6:45  Start time 7:00 

The amount of teams at each age group will be decided based on the amount of players with viable pitching and catching options as well as a viable coaching staff.  I can't stress enough how important it is to have  viable pitching.  Head coaches will not be decided until after the teams are selected.  I also recommend that you have your daughters train/practice before the tryouts occur.  It will be very competitive as our program is progressing nicely and getting much stronger.